9 Federal Civilian Events to have on your Radar

With the arrival of Fall and FY20, here are 7 events in October with speakers from Education, DHS, OMB, IRS, DOJ, USCIS, USDA and more, as well as a couple more events to consider in November.

CDM Central: Navigating the Cyber Roadmap
When: October 10, 2019
Where: Washington, DC
Key leaders from DHS, Energy and SBA will speak during this event focused on how CDM is accelerating Federal IT’s journey towards improved mitigation of today’s cyber threats and leading agencies along the highway of success.

Summit: IT Modernization
When: October 10, 2019
Where: Washington, DC
This event, with speakers from DHS, Energy, OMB, NRC and IRS, will explore how agencies have navigated policy developments and workforce challenges and will look at who has delivered the best transformation efforts in cybersecurity, shared services, secure cloud and next-generation networks and how technology has made that possible.

Breakfast Series: Data-Driven Security
When: October 15, 2019
Where: Washington, DC
This morning event, with speakers from HHS, NASA and USCIS, will discuss data-driven approaches to cybersecurity and how they fit into an agency’s overarching cyber strategy—with a focus on technologies, policies and workforce strategies that support data-driven cyber initiatives.

Cyber Talks
When: October 24, 2019
Where: Washington, DC
This TED-like conference dedicated to addressing cybersecurity priorities, trends, innovations, and the unprecedented security challenges ahead will feature speakers from DHS, DOJ, and OMB.

USCIS Day 2019
When: October 28, 2019
Where: Arlington, VA
This event will focus on USCIS’s Strategic Plan, which centers on four strategic goals that emphasize the efficiency and effectiveness of core operational priorities and the continuous improvements the Agency needs to achieve quality organizational performance.

Leading for Impact: Women in Leadership Conference
When: October 30, 2019
Where: Arlington, VA
This annual event, which recognizes women creating IMPACT, leading organizations and mission-focused strategic programs across the federal technology and consulting community, will include speakers from DHS, Education, USDA, USDS, OPM and numerous Federal Civ Health agencies. Held at the Women’s Memorial, this event is nearly sold out, so book now if you are going.

Workshop: Emerging Tech
When: October 30, 2019
Where: Washington, DC
Representatives from GSA, US Marshals, NIST will participate in this event discussing what is working in Government agencies in areas of AI, RPA, machine learning, DevOps and how the processes need to change to support the new technology.

Red Hat Government Symposium
When: November 12, 2019
Where: Washington, DC
Keynotes and panel discussions will feature speakers from USCIS, NOAA, HHS, CBP, SBA sharing expertise on projects in Government, which will shed new light on open culture and how Agile principles known in the software development world are being applied to create organizational change as part of the DevSecOps movement.

Workforce Summit
When: November 14, 2019
Where: Washington, DC
C-level Government leaders from USDA, GSA and USDS, with others pending from DHS and OMB, will look at how the Federal Government is working to fill critical skills gaps, enable a more efficient and effective workforce, deliver on its mission and better serve citizens.

We strive to serve the busy Federal Civilian executive by uncovering key events. The annual membership fee for G2X ETC is worth it for this feature alone! G2Xchange FedCiv Members: Visit the main events page to browse some of the other key Federal IT events happening in the coming weeks including:

Advancing Government Through Technology Driven Innovation with GSA, HHS, OMB, State Dept., DHS, DOJ, CIA
Tackling Government Contracting Challenges with DHS, GSA, Office of Federal Procurement Policy
Tackling 5G Technology with DHS
USAID Small Business Conference
Examining Elements of IT Modernization with GSA, NIST, IRS, FBI, NOAA
Modernizing Performance Management with GAO, Coast Guard, HUD
Directions and Updates with SEC
Using Advanced Technology in Customer Service and Policy Development with NRC, IRS, OMB, Dept. of Energy, NASA
Mitigating Cyber Threats with DHS, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Interior, SBA, HHS
Strategy Initiatives with CBP
Fed IT Social Event with DHS
Disruptive Technology in Cybersecurity with State Dept, NIST, DHS, HHS
State Department Small Business Industry Day
Budget and Procurement in FY20 with GSA
Securing the IT Infrastructure with DHS, GSA, NIST, HHS
Dept. of Commerce to Host Cybersecurity Awareness Days
DHS Vendor Outreach
IT Professionals Networking Event with NASA, GSA, FCC
Innovations, and Emerging Tech with OMB, NSF, DHS, Ed, Commerce, GSA, Interior, USDA, HHS, Treeasury, NASA
Priorities, Trends, and Innovations in Cybersecurity with OMB, DOJ, DHS
Evolving Trends and Procurements with NSF, HUD
IT Market Insights with DHS, GSA
Cybersecurity Symposium with Transportation
Cybersecurity Day with USDA

AND Many More.  Updated Daily!


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