Administrative Office of the Courts RFP: eDiscovery Data Management Services

Notice ID USCA20R0176

“The Defender Services Office (DSO) of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AOUSC) National Litigation Support (NLST) have a principal task of providing resources to Federal Defender Organizations and Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel attorneys in the management, organization and review of discovery. Currently, the NLST assists by utilizing a combination of technology and third-party human resources in the management of discovery, developing review strategies to improve attorney efficiency and effectiveness, and avoiding duplicative organizational work. Part of this process includes improving the discovery procedures which can be difficult and time consuming. Improvement enables attorneys to review and search available information in formats which are easier to search, review and organize while maintaining evidentiary integrity.”

“This requirement stems from the volume and complexity of discovery, which increases each year, in federal criminal cases. Wiretap line sheets, audio recordings (including jail calls), social media returns, and text and call-related data are pervasive. There are now an increased number of metadata fields potentially available, a more disparate set of file structures for each production and an increasing number of formats within the same production. Legal teams need to understand the scope of what they receive in discovery along with a more efficient way to not only access the information but to search, filter and review the voluminous multimedia files. Efficiency is difficult to attain when formats are not text searchable or when the files cannot be quickly filtered and grouped for further review. These problems are compounded when there are multiple overlapping sessions, duplicate productions in different formats and multiple filters that may cause the same call to appear in different places and in various ways.”

“DSO is seeking a contractor to organize wiretap linesheets, jail calls and other related multimedia data produced to defense teams by the U.S. Attorney’s Office as part of discovery in a case. These data sets are critical, voluminous and challenging to review because they come from a multitude of sources, often provided in duplicate, in many inconsistent formats.

DSO recognizes the ever-changing and growing complexity of multimedia files produced as part of discovery in federal criminal cases. Multimedia files are provided to defense counsel in many formats due to the enormous number of sources from which these files are collected. With more individuals and organizations storing more data on a routine basis, the volume of information being produced, on computers, cell phones, and other media has generally been increasing over time and the management and review of this large amount of information has become extremely challenging. DSO is seeking a contractor to provide services for converting of large amounts of variable information from multiple formats into one consistent, useable format for the purpose of discovery.”

“The contractor’s solution shall provide conversion and rudimentary organization of multimedia files produced in discovery and provide the converted files to defense teams in a more useable format. Key metadata fielded information from the files will be extracted and organized in such a way as to allow attorneys and defense team members to more easily search, review, and filter the discovery into subsets of information. The contractor’s output of the multimedia files, especially audio files, will enable a less time-consuming review enabling the defense teams to easily skim multimedia file contents, and provide methods to search, sort and filter subsets of information by category.”

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