Back to drawing board on $15B Alliant 2 Small Business GWAC, Gov sides with challenger


Updated March 26, 2019

“On June 20, 2016, the GSA issued solicitation QTA0016GBA0002 to procure information technology services for the government. Administrative R. (“AR”) 4, 270. Specifically, the GSA sought proposals for the Alliant 2 Small Business Governmentwide Acquisition Contract, a multiple-award, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract…” 

“… When the GSA posted an award notice that included a list of the eighty-one awardees,5 Citizant learned that it was not selected for an award. Id. at 480-88. Citizant promptly requested a debriefing. Id. at 11201.3. In a March 9, 2018 debriefing letter, the CO explained that Citizant’s score placed it below the award cutoff; it received the [. . .] highest score in a solicitation that resulted in eighty-one awardees. Id. at 11201.4-.6. After it received the debriefing letter, Citizant filed a protest with the United States Government Accountability Office (“GAO”). Id. at 11115. On May 22, 2018, the GAO dismissed the protest because protests concerning the same procurement were pending before this court. Id. at 11243. 2. Relevant Offerors Citizant’s protest concerns purported errors that the CO made when evaluating proposals from offerors who were subsequently selected as awardees. These offerors can be separated into two groups based on whether Citizant argues that they (1) failed to substantiate their CAS points or (2) submitted inadequate pricing information. 6 Some offerors are part of both groups…” 

“… Absent those errors, Citizant alleges that it—as the [. . .] unsuccessful offeror—would have received a contract because the aforementioned awardees would be ineligible for a contract. Citizant requests that the court (1) direct the GSA to establish a new list of awardees after correcting the errors the CO made in the initial evaluation…” 

“… Citizant protests the CO’s decision to award contracts to various offerors. Specifically, Citizant argues that the CO erred when he (1) credited various offerors with the points they claimed for possessing an acceptable CAS, (2) found other offerors proposed reasonable pricing, (3) deemed two offerors responsible, and (4) awarded contracts to some offerors despite not identifying them as being eligible for an award in the SSD. Citizant further argues that each of those errors was prejudicial…” 

“… Citizant seeks an injunction requiring the GSA to (1) correct the errors noted above, (2) re-sort the proposals in accordance with the solicitation,… 

“…  After reviewing the record, the parties’ briefing, and their representations, 24 the court concludes that Citizant has established by a preponderance of the evidence that each of the factors noted above weigh in favor of an injunction. Thus, the court grants Citizant’s request for a permanent injunction” 

“…  Specifically, the court ENJOINS the GSA from proceeding with the current awardee list and DIRECTS the GSA to reevaluate the proposals in a manner that redresses the errors addressed above.”  

Read the full 19-page decision document here.

G2X TAKE: Citing this challenger’s substantial chance of receiving an award because GSA will be ‘required to reevaluate a significant number of awardees’ proposals’ to remedy the errors, the Government agreed with many of the issues raised in this formal protest.  

The approach taken by Citizant was to challenge multiple errors made by GSA with regard to the evaluation of the announced awardees, the exact number of which were at least partially redacted. Apparent awardees, and those who scored close to the cutoff, will be paying close attention as it appears as if there could be a fairly significant set of changes as GSA reevaluates the proposals. A new set of of protests is likely to follow any action, so any hope of seeing FY19 dollars on this vehicle are fading fast. 

The list of the 81 awardees on $15B Alliant 2 SB GWAC can be found here.
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Updated January 12, 2019

Update: The lone known protest, a challenge
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