DHS RFI: Collaboration Services Support Development Operations & Maintenance

Notice ID: RFICollaborationServicesSupport2021

“ICE is exploring procurement strategies to establish a complete acquisition for Collaboration Services Support Development Operations & Maintenance. The scope of the anticipated contract is to provide the ICE/OCIO with ALL necessary administration, supervision, service, operational and maintenance (O&M), development, and performance resources needed to support the Cloud Collaboration Software Suites (CCSS) Services, its associated development and test environments, custom applications, and ensure continued reliability and availability of these resources. This task includes support for existing and prospective CCSS sites while the agency expands the CCSS operational model to include additional ICE programs and offices, evaluates the adoption of new and emerging technologies, as well as, new software and alternative hosting options.”


“The specific tasks section of this SOW shall be organized into two sections; The Operations Division’s (OPS) tasks (Section 3.1) and the Solutions Delivery Division’s (SDD) tasks (Section 3.2). The tasks described in each section shall represent the work being performed by the respective division within the CCSS environment. Some of the work in both the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Development elements shall be similar in nature but are unique to the Division’s tasks.”

“The contractor shall implement a plan that ensures resources identified to support the OPS and SDD sections are not pooled or shared between the activities supporting the two Divisions. The resources allocated to support each activity shall be dedicated to that Division, unless directed or pre-approved by the Division Task Manager.”

“The Contractor shall provide the required expertise to implement solutions and transfer knowledge to the Government and support validation and measurement of system integration in the areas of collaboration, security, system interfaces, operational efficiency, and deployments.”

“The Contractor shall work closely with the Government to establish the appropriate technical architecture and ensure that the following processes are integrated: ICE System Lifecycle Management (SLM), Information Systems Security, ICE Privacy, and Certification and Authorization (C&A) processes. The Contractor shall collaborate with DHS efforts as directed to represent ICE.”

“The Contractor shall provide support services for the CCSS platforms, services and solutions by conducting the activities described in each of the tasks below, documenting their efforts via task order deliverables delivered as outlined in this SOW, and via coordination through the Division Task Manager and/or Contracting Officer Representative (COR).”

“The Contractor shall provide development and O&M support for the CCSS and for all custom applications described in sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the SOW. This work shall be consistent with all current development and O&M activities currently provided to the CCSS and custom applications.”

3.1.1 Collaboration General Support
3.1.2 Digital Services / Collaboration Request Center (CRC)
3.1.3 CCSS Training and Outreach
3.1.4 Operational, Customization, and Development Support
3.1.5 Program Management
3.1.6 Project Management
3.1.7 Solution and System Testing
3.1.8 Technical Writing
3.1.9 Web and Graphic Design Support
3.1.10 Architecture Support
3.1.11 Requirements Analysis
3.1.12 Web Management Services
3.1.13 Other Support
3.1.14 Collaboration Migrations Surge (Optional)

3.2 Solutions Delivery Division (SDD) – CLIN 2
3.2.1 PATS (Performance and Audit Tracking System (PATS))
3.2.2 PATS Surge Support (Optional)
3.2.3 Office of Financial Management (OFM) Online

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