DHS Sources Sought: USCG Mentoring Program SaaS Solution

Notice ID 70Z02321RPPJ021


Provide a compliant enterprise Software as a Solution (SaaS) mentoring program product. The product shall be scalable and configurable to the CG needs. The product shall have a demonstrated industry presence with quantifiable results such as case studies or customer reports. The product shall have a framework to provide connections with a guided experience through a mentoring relationship. The product shall employ a data driven architecture to allow analytics on all data entered. The product shall employ an algorithmic based capability to optimize matching. The product shall be fully app enabled supported on Android and IOS devices, meet CG and DHS compliance requirements, and be accessible from all workstations, regardless of domain (.mil, .org, .edu, .gov, .com etc). Provide dedicated staff for major program elements, and a 24×7 tech support staff for routine queries.

The Coast Guard requires the following capabilities from a software based mentoring program:

Matching Algorithm Software that provides an algorithm that automatically suggests best match options by analyzing data in each participant profile. Software that allows matching based on factors such as location, unit, rank, gender, ethnicity, etc. Algorithms in the software match thousands of participants simultaneously which is humanly impossible with the current manual program.

Reporting & Analytics Software that provides a full suite of business data analytics that provides robust reports highlighting various indicators of program satisfaction and connection health/effectiveness. The data quickly tracks and analyzes the performance of the mentoring program and provides senior leaders metrics for oversight.

Automated Surveys Software that enables a more agile mentoring program by automatically surveying participants at pre-defined intervals. Providing automated survey results conveyed in a way that’s easy to digest; visually allowing managers and participants to determine the health of the program.

Automated Communications Software that automates targeted emails and reminder communications which can be scaled enterprise-wide.

Mobile Responsiveness & Mobile Apps Convenience to access all mentoring tracks and resources to increase enrollment. Scaling all content to be Mobile-enabled and responsive…’


The objective of this procurement is to provide the 100,000+ Coast Guard workforce with a platform to enable connection to a mentor in the Coast Guard. The platform will provide access, connection methods, and a plan for mentoring pairs to guide them in their relationship. For the purposes of this document a “connection” is defined as an established pairing between a mentor and a mentee (or in the case of group mentoring, a pairing between a cadre of mentors and mentees) …”

“Specific Requirements

Provide a SaaS Enterprise Mentoring platform with the following capabilities:

The ability to publish a CG Consent to Use and Monitoring Flash Screen as condition of logging in and having system access

  • Provide full Admin roles for local Coast Guard Academy administrators, to employ fast and agile system changes
  • Provide admin ability to monitor PII/HIPAA/OPSEC/spillage
  • Provide admin ability to create fully customizable profile fields
  • Provide an algorithm-based matching process that can be automated, semi-automated, or manual
  • Provide ability for multiple mentoring sub programs with walled –off metrics (ie. Communties, reverse, flash, and one to one)
  • Provide an integrated survey feedback system that is admin customizable
  • Provide confidential user messaging to ADMIN
  • Provide the capability to log and track mentoring meetings/times/dates for HQ reporting
  • Provide the ability to export program data and analytics
  • Provide IOS/Android supported device app integration and access
  • Provide a framework to enable admins to monitor connection health for accountability and feedback Provide a capability to deploy digital data resources such as documents, videos, and podcasts • Provide a means of having each mentoring connection complete a mentoring partnership agreement within the system electronically
  • Provide the ability to set and track mentoring connection goals
  • Provide ability for all users to take notes in various areas in the system
  • Provide ability for users to capture reflective notes on their interactions
  • Provide the ability to advertise and market program events and updates
  • Provide the ability to administer/organize/conduct group mentoring for specific targeted topics/groups with the same data collection
  • Provide a customizable program executive dashboard, and individual track dashboards to collect and display key admin-defined key performance indicators and outcome metrics
  • Provide the ability to conduct training and interactive system/program user guides
  • Provide full data transparency on all data collected for business intelligence analytics, including every field of data entered by any participant and system interaction metrics (logins etc.)
  • Provide consulting representative for program build-out and monitoring throughout the contract term
  • Provide help-desk system to remedy technical issues
  • Meet USCG/DHS information technology compliance certifications and be able to receive an ICCB waiver approval, and be FEDRAMP Compliant…”

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