DOI RFP: LMS COTS Solution for BIE

Notice ID 140A1621R0071

“1. Introduction The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) is implementing a Strategic Transformation of Education Plan (STEP) to support its strategic goal of fully integrating technology into education to ensure all Native American Indian students in K-12 and Higher Learning educational institutions. BIE created a phasedapproach for implementation of the goals and objectives of the STEP for the 53 BIE operated schools with a potential expansion offering to the 131 Tribally-controlled schools the BIE supports.

The implementation of the selected LMS will include the appropriate content development and delivery; alignment to the BIE’s College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS); and facilitate social interaction within the grades K-12 classroom. The LMS will support virtual learning environments and professional development opportunities for faculty, administrators and educators. In addition, the implementation should incorporate or provide corresponding alternatives for the BIE’s current grades K-12 courses and resource-related sites, which are currently hosted and/accessed on multiple LMS platforms.

Performance for the LMS may be performed virtually in coordination and approval from the COR and PM. Onsite could be required and as such the Contractor shall comply with Departmental travel policy. The BIE seeks a 10-year contract which shall have the following for the BIE 53 managed schools:

  • 3-years for the implementation of the LMS;
  • 5-years steady state; and
  • 2-option years

The Contractor shall propose a mix-type contract consisting of Time and Materials pricing for the 3-year implementation. The Contractor shall propose Firm Fixed pricing for the 5-year steady state which shall be in alignment with the Service level Agreement. The Contractor shall propose a Firm Fixed price for the 2-option years which shall include a Transition-In/Out proposal…”

2 Proposal Objectives

The BIE is seeking an innovative forward-thinking proposal for a 21st Century interactive and mobile learning management solution. The BIE mission is based on achieving their vision through five guiding organizational principles underpinning how the work of the BIE is successfully accomplished. They are – Excellence, Focus, Integrity, Respect and Service. The LMS solution is part of the overall STEP program. The BIE is seeking a solution, which provides the best possible secure educational experience in the classroom, and any other possible remote location, to support its overall mission…”

“BIE identified the following objectives results:

2.1 Objective 1 – Learning Management System Implement an LMS which supports distance learning.

2.2 Objective 2 – Implementation Implement the LMS to ensure the availability of the solution in support of the first three schools by the end of May 2022.

2.3 Objective 3 – Implementation Services Support the software configuration of CCRS.

2.4 Objective 4 – Service Level Agreement Support the implementation of a continuous and sustainable lifecycle software management approach in support of the LMS…”

“5. General Solution Requirements The BIE is seeking an integrated cloud or hybrid-cloud Learning Management System (LMS) system to support remote user access and distance learning. NOTE: License counts are located in Section 9. Many of these schools are located in austere locations and may not have high speed or bandwidth symmetric internet access, therefore solutions proposed should identify bandwidth and latency requirement assumptions and the recommended approach for accommodating parents, guardians, teachers, and students in underserved areas.

  1. The Contractor solution shall support data transfers, Representational State Transfer (REST), and Application Programming Interface (API) in support of the LMS application and environment.
  2. The Contractor solution shall provide secure (REST)1 capabilities.
  3. The Contractor shall ensure the inclusion of U.S. Web Design System (USWDS)2 and reflect the important guidance codified in the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act.
  • These should include interactive design (IxD) and human/user-centered design (M/UCD) principles for its user interface (UX) to help streamline the adoption and extended use of the system by all BIE constituencies.
  1. The Contractor shall ensure all development follows standards and protocols around Agile, Waterfall, and CMMI Level 3.
  2. The Contactor shall work with the LMS-ITFL (or designee) to obtain approval all new software releases…”

“6 Software Requirements

The BIE is seeking a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solution. The Contractor should provide a detailed description of their solution based on not only the fact that it has the underlying feature, but also how that feature works from a user and administrative perspective. The Contractor shall provide an LMS with the following requirements:

  1. The LMS shall have an intuitive web-based interface for the creation, delivery and tracking of curricular content and instructional/assessment activities between students, faculty, and parents.
  2. The LMS shall be intuitive with clear direction for navigation and common tasks performed by teachers, K-12 students, and parents.
  3. The LMS shall have student pedagogical activities.
  4. The LMS shall have formative and summative assessment capabilities.
  5. The LMS shall provide the ability for automated rostering…”

“7 Information Technology

The BIE seeks creative technological solutions in support of the LMS and encourages the Contractor to provide a solution which addresses the short and long-term mission needs of a standardized grades K-12 LMS in a distance learning environment.

7.1 Cloud

In accordance FedRAMP requirements the proposal must include a detailed timeline for the CSP’s accredited Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) to complete an assessment of its service offering…”

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