DOT RFI: IPv6 Initiative Consulting Support

RFQ ID RFQ1508748

1.0 Background

The tasks to accomplish under this Statement of Work (SOW) include Contractor support services to the Department of Transportation (DOT)’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to implement and enable sound IT management practices and consistently high-quality delivery of program support for the implementation of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) throughout DOT.  This program is referred to as ‘Native IPv6 Transition’…”

“3.0 Objective

This task order provides funding for the following activities in support of the department’s IPv6-related efforts:

  • Native IPv6 Transition project management support services
  • Inventory creation and management for IP-enabled assets for the DOT’s Native IPv6 Transition
  • Status determination and reporting for the DOT’s Native IPv6 Transition – This includes status reporting for both internal DOT situational awareness and OMB-required program monitoring
  • Native IPv6 Transition Project management planning
  • Native IPv6 Transition Program documentation creation and management
  • Native IPv6 Transition Program coordination activities – This program covers all DOT Operating Administrations (OAs) and secretarial offices (OST)
  • Provide support for the for the DOT’s Native IPv6 Transition Integrated Project Team (IPT) as needed to enable effective and timely management information flows
  • Create and maintain a risk register for the Native IPv6 Transition program
  • Conduct outreach activities within the OAs and OST to ascertain program status…”

Task 4.3 General Tasks

Support Services for DOT OCIO

The Contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services in support of DOT’s Native IPv6 Transition program.  This support may include adherence to DOT, OMB and other standard reporting and monitoring to identify associated risks and impacts, for identifying and prioritizing alternatives, and recommending suitable strategies to the DOT Program Sponsor and Native IPv6 Transition IPT based upon defined objectives and empirical measures for the governance and effective management of DOT’s IT resources.  The Contractor shall incorporate and apply best business practices with technical expertise to evaluate and recommend appropriate considerations for the department’s successful transition to native IPv6.

The Contractor shall provide support for any reporting related to the execution of DOT’s CPIC process, IT Dashboard and IDC review, analysis and submission to OMB, GAO and DOT IG as may be required.  The Contractor may provide advice and assistance to the DOT Program Sponsor on program improvement initiatives and projects.  The Contractor will support governance processes and boards enabling Department-level IT management, including the CIO Core Council, the Native IPv6 Transition Integrated Project Team, the Enterprise Architecture Board, the Common Operating Environment (COE) Committee and other committees as may be required for the department’s successful transition to native IPv6.

The Contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional project management and IPv6 program support. This support may include, but may not be limited to supporting program analysis, planning, development, management, implementation, evaluation, oversight, coordination, and outreach activities such as:

  • Developing, updating, and maintaining IPv6 Project Management Plans
  • Identification of transition activities, priorities, and milestones
  • Recommend enterprise architecture and risk mitigation strategies
  • Development of transition criteria for legacy, upgraded, and new capabilities
  • Identification of dependencies (for example, among the enterprise architecture, network management, and network and operation security)
  • Development of strategies for ensuring interoperability and security during transition
  • Documenting and ensuring compliance with the USGv6 Profile IPv6 requirements for DOT products as required
  • Developing, updating, and maintaining transition governance that includes but is not limited to policy, roles and responsibilities, management structure, management controls, management actions, performance measurement, and reporting
  • Identifying and documenting IPv6 training requirements for DOT
  • Developing, updating, and maintaining a Network Infrastructure Inventory
  • Developing, updating, and maintaining Network Infrastructure IPv6 Assessment strategy to support the discovery of the DOT infrastructure and the network, server, and application elements
  • Developing, updating, and maintaining detailed assessments of DOT IT equipment and applications impacted by IPv6 and document IT equipment and software that needs to be upgraded, replaced, or enabled for IPv6…”

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