ED Draft PWS: Portfolio of Integrated Value-Oriented Technologies – Hosting (PIVOT-H)

Notice ID CIOO220184AP

“Background of Portfolio of Integrated Value-Oriented Technology

The Portfolio of Integrated Value-Oriented Technology (PIVOT) portfolio is based on an acquisition approach that encourages and incentivizes service provider innovation, is flexible to easily address new and changing requirements, and optimizes cost vs benefit in the delivery of IT services to the Department over the life of the contracts.

PIVOT enables the delivery of IT infrastructure services for a workplace environment that will be rapidly evolving for the foreseeable future. This includes an increasingly mobile workforce that frequently teleworks, real estate footprint reductions requiring workspace sharing facilitated by technology, and the ability to immediately respond to the ever-changing cyber threats. The Department’s operational strategy for the future relies on an increasingly mobile and remote workforce not tied to a specific work location or restricted to a single computing device. Teleworking and hoteling (shared temporary workspaces) will become more of the norm than the exception.

The Department’s vision for IT services is a secure, high performance, versatile infrastructure to deliver a set of seamless, integrated capabilities that provide an equivalent end-user experience regardless of location and are independent of any platform or platforms that are used to access PIVOT IT services.

Storage Availability

In order to support the Department’s vison for IT services delivery, the Department requires a flexible storage capability that is provisioned by the PIVOT-H Contractor on an on-demand basis in a rapid fashion. The Department requires a highly available, flexible, and virtual storage capability that allows for the quick commissioning and decommissioning of storage to support multiple types of environments (i.e., Production, Test, Training, Operations, and Disaster Recovery) …”

“Hosting Environment Flexibility

The Department has multiple information systems owned by different Principal Offices within the Department. Hosted systems range in size from single server systems to systems with 50+ servers, have a variety criticality and risk postures, and import and export data both internally and externally to the Department. As such, the Department requires a hosting solution for systems that comply with federal mandates, including the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy and the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), while maximizing the ability of system owners to adapt and modify their systems on an Infrastructure/Platform base and easily accommodate changes in application, storage, and computing requirements. The hosting solution must also provide fully managed and hosted software solutions for Department IT functional requirements. The hosting solution must provide quick, on- demand provisioning of environments that can mirror or near-mirror the system owner’s operational environment as required. All of these capabilities must be provided under the scope of ensuring the overall IT security of the hosting environment in general and individual systems specifically.

While the Department does have a requirement to support Government-Furnished physical servers, the Department’s desire and expectation is that this need would reduce so that within a period of 18 months the need to support physical servers would be an infrequent occurrence hosted locally at Department locations.

Hosting environment flexibility will allow the Department to address OMB’s direction to explore the use of Government Shared Services for various Department IT Systems. For example, Education’s Central Automated Processing System (EDCAPS) is currently targeting a move to a Government Shared Service by the calendar year 2020.

Content Management Solution

The Department requires a content management solution that can be integrated with the data storage capability to promote a seamless user experience between capabilities while still providing a high-level of performance in terms of availability, reliability, recovery time, and data security…”

“Scope of Work

The PIVOT-H Contractor shall provide the Department with the following general scope of services.

  • PIVOT-H Program Management
  • Data Storage Services
  • System/Application Hosting Services
  • Cloud Broker Services
  • Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Support
  • Transition-In and Transition-Out Support
  • Cross-Functional Support
    • Performance Management
    • PIVOT-H Service Catalog
    • Training Support
    • HelpDesk– Tier 2/3 Support
    • Assistive Technology: 508 and 504 Compliance
    • Records Management, FOIA, and eDiscovery Support
    • IT Security Support
    • Architecture and Engineering Support
    • IT Refresh
    • IT Disposal and Sanitation…”

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