Education RFI: Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) Operation, Development, Maintenance and Monitoring Support Services

Notice ID ESEP210137UP


“MSIX, a major information technology (IT) major investment for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, supports the exchange of migrant student records from one school district to another as migratory students move within State or across State lines. This investment is in response to the Congressional mandate in Section 1308(b) of Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended. Section 1308(b) requires the Secretary to assist States in developing effective methods for electronically exchanging student records amongst States; and, to determine, and accurately account for, the number of migratory children in each State. The MSIX investment consists of a responsive webbased platform that links States’ migratory student record databases to facilitate the national exchange of migratory students’ educational and health information. The investment also involves an independent verification and validation (IV&V) effort to ensure correctness and quality of the design, development, and operation of MSIX and related deliverables…”

“MSIX will continue achieving programmatic and technical innovation through technical and system enhancements deployed during each option year. The technical and system enhancements are consistent with the requirements of the program office, system security, and emerging technologies. MSIX was developed as the most cost-effective method to address the exchange of migratory student records between and amongst States. If MSIX was not in existence, each State would be left to enhance its MEP-specific database to allow for the national exchange of migratory student records. Furthermore, there would be no national standard for MEP data exchange. Not having a national standard would adversely affect the completeness, logic, and validity of MEP data…”

“Purpose and Scope”

“MSIX provides the linkage of 46 States’ MEP-specific databases for facilitating the national exchange of migratory student records including demographic, educational, and health information for migratory children aged birth through 2 years old, Kindergarten – grade 12 students, as well as out-of-school youth through the age of 21. MSIX is built upon Oracle’s COTS Enterprise Edition platform, which utilizes a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) in conjunction with a suite of applications. Some of these applications include Oracle Internet Directory (OID), which serves as a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Oracle Discoverer, and Oracle Workflow. Also, MSIX uses eScholar’s Unique-ID student matching engine to identify children individually. MSIX uses State-supplied data to develop a consolidated migratory student record for each migratory child and provides views of each migratory child’s educational and health record to authorized MSIX users. This PWS reflects a Fixed Price Performance-Based Acquisition (PBA) with a base plus four option periods.

Because MSIX is a comprehensive technology platform and a major investment for the U. S. Department of Education (Department), the scope encompasses Contractor support to provide Project Management,System Operations, Cybersecurity Management, Customer Support Help Desk, Issue Tracking and Trouble Ticket Management, Asset Management, State Support and Technical Assistance for MSIX. The MSIX Contractor must provide overall program oversight, analysis, and recommendations to the Department to ensure the quality of the design, development, and operation of MSIX and related deliverables through the Lifecycle Management (LCM) of the program…”

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