FEMA issues Pre-solicitation for Identity Verification and Authentication Services


FEMA has issued a pre-solicitation for a requirement for Individual Identity Verification and Authentication Support Services. FEMA intends to award an IDIQ contract with task orders issued on a firm fixed-price basis for up to 5 years.

FEMA requires support services which include, but are not limited to, a One Time Password (OTP) authentication solution, verification and authentication of identity, occupancy, ownership, insurance, vehicle and demographic information for individuals registering for FEMA disaster assistance or family reunification purposes where a disaster has occurred or been declared. Furthermore, FEMA seeks products and services in the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse within the domain of Government financial assistance programs.

The Contractor’s Identity Verification service shall verify that an applicant’s name, address, phone, SSN and Date of Birth (DOB) exists and is related to the person registering or searching. The contractor shall provide a strong identity verification service which shall include validation of a person based on the full name, phone, SSN, date of birth, and address across an array of public, private, and proprietary databases.

The Contractor shall define the level of assurance they intend for identity verification within the fastest obtainable timeframe providing…”

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