NASA RFI: Employee Vaccination Reporting Application

Notice ID 80NSSC21RFI0111

“1. Objective/Requirements

The Presidential Executive Order mandating vaccination of federal employees requires the agency to be able to validate the vaccination of an employee, provide a method of display of that vaccination, and report analytics of the number of employees vaccinated, while simultaneously maintaining the privacy and security of employee data.

  1. Characteristics, Scope, and Specs

NASA is looking for technologies and software capabilities that would allow for quick and efficient survey of employees as to their vaccination status, and the ability to display their status upon access to a NASA facility when required. The technology must allow manual input of data as well as take a photo or upload proof of vaccination. The technology must allow for input of either FDA emergency use authorization COVID or rapid antigen tests and the time/date of the test and result. NASA is looking to procure, an application that will meet the following criteria:

  1. Be readily downloadable onto the employee’s smart phone
  2. Allow for the employee to upload their CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card
  3. Allow an employee to upload a copy (pdf) of their record of vaccination from a health care provider, pharmacy, or public health agency
  4. Allow an individual from an international partner agency who received their vaccination abroad to upload (pdf) a scanned copy of their record or import their record of vaccination
  5. Allow an employee to update their status, replace the current CDC COVID-19 record card if the employee is currently between doses or has obtained a booster immunization
  6. Allow manual entry to augment the uploaded photo or pdf that captures type of vaccine administered, number of doses received, dates of administration, and name of health care provider, clinic, pharmacy, or public health agency where received
  7. Allow the export of aggregated data such as the metrics above, to be exported into a report to capture the data and analytics of overall employee vaccination rates
  8. Verify the identity of the employee either through biometrics, scan (bar code or picture upload) of the driver’s license or government issued ID, or other method
  9. Maintain the privacy and medical confidentiality of the data uploaded by including data encryption processes, converting that data into either a QR code, color code (eg- green for good) or other means for display when needed
  10. Allow a user of the app or software who has a reasonable accommodation or has not yet been vaccinated to import their COVID testing results either from a CLIA certified lab or retail provider (eg- Labcorp, Quest, CVS, Walgreens, etc) or from an FDA emergency use authorization home testing kit (e.g.Abbott BinaxNow, or others)
  11. Alert the app user when a completed test is older than 7 days and turn any green indicators to red
  12. Provide a pop alert when a test is positive and the user should quarantine as per CDC guidelines
  13. Software/app should contain the capability to accurately display either positive vaccination or the results of the self-administered COVID test in either a color coded (green/ red) display or an encrypted format such as a QR code to readily allow the NASA facility’s screening services to gauge that entry requirements into the facility have been met
  14. Should have a reader or application readily downloadable onto a smart phone to read the QR code in order to identify if that employee meets the criteria
  15. Vendor of such an application should indicate or document whether they currently do, or have the ability to meet, federal cybersecurity requirements (FISMA for overall cybersecurity, FedRAMP for cloud cybersecurity) when storing data from such COVID testing processes…”

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