NOAA RFQ: Office of Sustainable Fisheries Electronic Monitoring Data Storage and Processing

Solicitation: 2001436

“… To meet requirements of Amendment 7, NMFS has currently installed EM systems on 111 pelagic longline vessels with Atlantic Tunas Longline permits. In total, there are 136 qualified IBQ share recipients under the Amendment 7 requirements. Video files, sensor data, location data, and other data elements are captured by EM systems, and stored on encrypted hard drives. These hard drives are mailed to NMFS (or its designee) for collection, processing, decryption, storage, quality control, review, analysis, and redistribution. A subset of trips is selected for audit/review, and reviewers record bluefin landing and discard counts, as well as other species and their dispositions, from the videos. These data are used to ensure compliance with the IBQ Program by comparing it with other fishery dependent data streams such as logbooks, VMS data, dealer reports, and observer data to verify counts and identifications.”

“NMFS seeks contract support for all aspects of this process, including sending and receiving hard drives, maintaining and enhancing DPS and EM Web, reviewing videos, providing EM review results to NMFS, comparing data to other sources (i.e., VMS, logbook, observer, and dealer), troubleshooting issues with EM systems, analyzing all log data and when warranted making video footage available to authorized personnel (e.g., submitters, NMFS Enforcement agents). Contractor will also collaborate with NOAA and its partners to improve the process, technology, privacy, and security of the EM program.”

“Contractor shall ensure continued operational stability of existing EM DPS and EM Web capabilities.   Contractor shall:

  • Provide project management and business analysis support to ensure EM systems are delivered on time, within
  • budget, and built using Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) best practices.
  • Provide operations and maintenance support to ensure all aspects of the system remain operational.
  • Provide and maintain hosting and storage environments for DPS and EM Web.
  • Conduct EM data review and provide results to NMFS.
  • Ensure compliance with all NMFS IT security policies and procedures.
  • Provide system administration support as needed.
  • Collaborate with NMFS and its designees to resolve issues and ensure continued operational success of the EM
  • Provide development, modernization, and enhancement support as required.
  • Contractor shall support the EM program by receiving, processing, and reissuing hard drives. Contractor shall:
  • Receive and decrypt hard drives, process and store EM data through DPS, and reissue hard drives back to vessels.
  • Review videos, identify species, provide reports, and analyze findings.
  • Evaluate the EM program to find opportunities for process improvement.
  • Track hard drive receipt, disposition, and life cycle of hard drives.
  • Purchase new hard drives when required.
  • Collaborate with NMFS and appropriate designees to resolve hard drive issues or problems.

“The base period of performance of this contract is from September 1, 2020 or the date of award whichever occurs later through 12 months. If an option is exercised, the period of performance shall be extended through the end of that option period. The option periods that may be exercised are as follows:

Base Period September 1, 2020-August 31, 2021
Option Period 1 September 1, 2021- August 31, 2022
Option Period 2 September 1, 2022- August 31, 2023
Option Period 3 September 1, 2023- August 31, 2024
Option Period 4 September 1, 2024- August 31, 2025”

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