NSF CIO: One RPA bot saves staff roughly 25,000 hours per year

“’We have automations going on in the [information technology] shop to facilitate automated build and deploy of solutions. We have the HR shop, the financial shop—they’re all administrative functions,’ NSF Chief Information Officer Dorothy Aronson said Wednesday. ‘But the one I’m most excited about is actually a brainchild of someone who was in the program office, who is not a technician, and just had this idea for how to save time.’…”

“According to Aronson, Clarissa Johnson, who now serves as an NSF IT specialist, was sparked by an idea for how to save time in parts of that meeting-planning federal administrative function.

‘She came up with a logic for automating the nag notes—or the notes that continuously go out to people—and it’s been a tremendous time-saver,’ Aronson explained. ‘We’re estimating that 25,000 hours a year are saved by administrative staff all throughout the agency because these notes are being sent by the bot.’

The CIO said it’s become a ‘great boon’ inside NSF, and that she’s excited about the application for numerous reasons. In particular, Aronson was delighted to see how a personnel member in one particular segment of the organization, who didn’t have much prior technical training, was able to employ a technology-enabled solution that ultimately benefited the whole agency.

‘By working as a partner with the IT shop, she learned a lot about how IT people think, so that partnership was really important in her personal growth,’ Aronson said, adding ‘she learned more about her own strengths—and I look forward to seeing where she goes with her career.’…” Read the full article here.

Source: One Bot Saves NSF Staff Roughly 25,000 Hours Per Year, CIO Says – By Brandi Vincent, April 23, 2021. Nextgov.


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