Peace Corps OCIO RFQ: Information Technology Research and Advisory Services

Notice ID RFQ1496672


The objective of this effort is to obtain information technology research and advisory subscription services to provide unbiased, industry proven, and objective research and advisory services to assist OCIO leadership to make informed IT investment decisions…”

“4. Scope

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has a requirement to obtain information technology research and advisory licenses subscription services with up-to-date information on the latest technology, forums to share best practices, and advice necessary to make informed IT investment decisions. At a minimum the Contractor shall provide:

4.1 Research. The Contractor shall provide access to timely research and best practices including:

4.1.1 Research Databases. The Contractor shall provide unlimited web-based access to reference materials and reports, news, and analysis and recommendations from advisory analysts. The information shall be free of metered access or limited total document allocation and provide access to full reports and research material across all IT roles.

4.1.2 Overviews and Comparisons. The Contractor shall provide access to industry and technology overviews and comparisons. This shall include in-depth evaluation and analysis of key issues, new technologies, services and Contractor products with a detailed summary of strengths, weaknesses, compatibility, upgrade policies, standards, and practical knowledge about planning, designing, maintaining computer and communication systems, and end user requirements.

The Contractor shall provide use of research. OCIO personnel shall be able to retain and share copies of research.

Note: Any sponsored research provided to the Government shall be clearly labeled as such.

4.2 Information Technology Advisory Support. The Contractor shall provide consulting services to assist OCIO leadership to develop new operating models and innovative approaches to technology. These services include:

4.2.1 Recommendations and Tools. The Contractor shall provide recommendations and tools to assist in defining accurate and appropriate return on investments, identifying industry trends, and evaluating courses of action by OCIO leadership. The Contractor shall provide predictive analytics to assist OCIO leadership in the selection of technologies and technology configuration options based on OCIO’s conditions and preferences.

4.2.2 Direct Access to Information Technology Analysts. The Contractor shall provide the Government with unlimited access to a Federal Government Analyst team. The Contractor shall provide unlimited, direct access for all license holders to make inquiries to Information Technology Analysts. These inquiries shall be one on one phone calls with Contractor analysts. During these phone calls the Contractor shall discuss research articles and topics of the OCIO’s choosing.

4.2.3 Market Research & Cost Analysis. The Contractor shall assist the OCIO with reducing IT costs through market research and cost analysis (i.e. identify major cost saving opportunities and process improvements) in an effort to enable OCIO to obtain the best pricing and terms for IT purchases. The Contractor shall provide insight into upcoming direction for new technology and provide weekly recommended reading lists.

4.2.4 Direct Access to Subject Matter Experts. The Contractor shall provide subject matter experts to work with the OCIO, as needed, to research products and technologies. During these sessions the Contractor shall assist with problem solving and provide feedback on documentation and courses of action and implementation. Documentation includes but is not limited to draft solicitation documents, organizational charts, and service level agreements.

4.2.5 Executive Level Advisor. The Contractor shall provide an Executive Level Advisor to assist the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with research, personal coaching, leadership development and facilitated peer networking. The Executive Level Advisor must have held the position of CIO or a similar position.

4.3 Community. The Contractor shall provide OCIO personnel with opportunities to interact with peers and experts in the Information Technology Industry. The Community shall include:

4.3.1 Technical Symposiums and Conferences. The Contractor shall provide access to technical symposiums, webinars and conferences that focus strictly on IT Matters which may be attended by OCIO virtually or in person.

4.3.2 Forums. The Contractor shall provide OCIO personnel access to interactive forums where OCIO personnel can exchange information and best practices with peers without contractor intervention. This forum shall be void of vendors, press, and non-clients…”

“7.2 Period of Performance

The period of performance shall include one (1) base year and four (4) option years, if exercised…”

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