Potential Government technology shines at CES 2022

“Finding technology of interest to government and enterprises at CES is not impossible, but it’s normally hidden behind walls of televisions, electronic scooters and other consumer-only devices. The 2022 show was no exception, but there were some interesting items on display that might be of interest to government…”

“Better wireless communications, especially for the 802.11ax connections that everyone from government to business to normal people in their homes are using, is something we all want to improve. The current standard brings wireless communications close to wired speeds, but only in optimal conditions, and rarely in shared spaces where lots of devices are using the same signal.

To compensate, companies started working on Wi-Fi 6E back around 2020, although very little beyond just specifications were revealed until recently. The reason that 6E has so much potential is that it allows routers to send and receive signals in the recently opened 6GHz band alongside the typical 2.5 and 5GHz bands that most routers use today. And that 6GHz band is rich in bandwidth, with over twice as much available than the 5GHz band. This could allow 6E routers to easily create and support several 160MHz channels for pushing data, with none of them overlapping. In fact, it could actually make wireless communications faster and more reliable than wired connections…”

“In addition to more normal types of technology, CES always seems to introduce something that is both amazingly cool and also a bit head scratching. This year, that designation easily goes to Ameca, a human-like robot that was able to smile, react to questions, and generally assure people that there is no truth to the rumors of a pending robot revolution.

Ameca was created by British technology firm Engineered Arts. They have a bit of a reputation for creating realistic-looking robots that stray too far into the uncanny valley where designs get creepy and off-putting for most people. A few of their previous creations could be considered nightmare fuel for some…” Read the full article here.

Source: Creepy, Cool and Coherent: Potential Government Tech Shines at CES 2022 – By John Breeden II, January 13, 2022. Nextgov.



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