SSA RFQ: Secure Kiosk Browser

Notice ID 28321321Q00000275

“B-1 Schedule of Supplies/Services

This contract includes multiple periods of performance applicable, see Section C for FAR clause FAR 52.217-9, Option to Extend the Term of the Contract (MAR 2000). The anticipated period of performance for the subject Task Order will consist of Base Year and four 12-month option periods (a total of 60 months, if all options are exercised)…”


The Contractor shall provide a comprehensive kiosk secure Chromium-based browser software solution including client, server, database, and support services for Self-Help Personal Computers (SHPC) and Visitor Intake Process Rewrite (VIPR) units at SSA Field Offices.  This software will replace an existing secure kiosk browser solution currently used for both SHPC and VIPR.  The agency will use the software to provide a pool of virtual machines running on an internal Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment to satisfy various kiosk project requirements including but not limited to the SHPC and VIPR initiatives…”


At a minimum, the solution shall meet the following requirements:

B-2.1.1 Mandatory Technical Requirements

  1. The solution must provide the means for clients to be centrally managed, centrally monitored, and rapidly deployed.
  2. The solution must include the ability to remotely monitor and assess kiosk usage for management personnel.
  3. All components of the solution must be deployed on-premises and be managed entirely by SSA staff.
  4. The solution must provide a means to register each physical endpoint during the first use and retain that that registration in a database for subsequent sessions. The physical endpoints are zero clients with unique MAC addresses.  The operating system identifiers running on the VDI virtual machines cannot be used because the agency uses VDI clones for the client sessions.  These virtual machines are not persistent; physical endpoints connect to a random virtual machine from a pool of machines, therefore, any local virtual machine identification information is not retained and is not exclusive to a given physical zero client.  Using a MAC address identifier is the preferred method of client identification, but similar identifier methods are acceptable.  The agency currently utilizes secure kiosk browser software that acquires the MAC address via VMware Horizon Agent.  The agent provides the following registry value to distinguish between physical endpoints: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment.  String value:
  5. The solution must provide heartbeat functionality to determine the health of each kiosk.
  6. The solution must provide the ability to deploy configuration changes from a management server to the kiosk clients…”

“B-2.1.2 Help Desk

B- Overall Description

The contractor shall provide SSA Help Desk Support as follows:

  1. Problem Reporting Procedures/Help Desk and Problem Resolution: The Contractor shall provide technical support through an 800 number and email.  They will be available 8 hours a day, and shall cover the core operating hours of 9:00 A.M.- 3:00 P.M., Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Friday.
  2. This Help Desk with provide SSA with all operational and support assistance necessary to cause the software to perform in accordance with the user documentation. (B-2.1.4) Moreover, the Contractor shall provide remedial support designed to furnish a by-pass or temporary fix to a reported defect until the reported defect can be permanently corrected.
  3. The Contractor shall define issues with security, accessibility, infrastructure incompatibilities, or issues that cause field office work stoppage as the highest priority in their Help Desk service. Accessibility issues are defined as issues impeding users with a disability from completing tasks and includes issues where the kiosk software is incompatible with the JAWS screen reader expected operation…”

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