State Department IRM Sources Sought: Technical Security Services, Emanations and Compliance

Notice ID 19AQMM21N0044

“The Department of State, Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM), Foreign Operations (FO), Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI) Directorate, Technical Security and Safeguards (TSS) Division (IRM/FO/ITI/TSS), is seeking a highly specialized and qualified contractor to provide Technical Security Services, Emanations and Compliance Contract support to analyze, evaluate and protect the technical integrity of classified Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment from interception or passive intrusions.

The tasks, subtasks and activities outlined in this Statement of Work (SoW) are mandatory (e.g. support immediately required after contract award) unless labeled optional (e.g. support may be required at some future date). The Performance Work Statement (PWS) includes: Task #1 TSS Task Lead; Task #2 TSS Domestic classified IT Technical Support Services; Task #3 TSS  OCONUS Field Services Engineers; and,  Task #4 TSS classified IT equipment lifecycle management.”

“The objective of this statement of work is to outline the TSS Division specific technical support requirements, skillsets and performance requirements, in support of the DOS classified IT equipment and systems infrastructure.

The scope of work includes:

Providing technology support services for the Secure Technology Evaluation Center (STEC); OCONUS technical support services and, the classified Information Technology (IT) equipment lifecycle management and the training program.

The DOS strives to standardize, harmonize, and enhance its mission-delivery capabilities for services including, IT equipment/systems emanations evaluation and governing compliance requirements.

The selected contractor is required to provide the TSS Division with expertise, skills, labor (Subject Matter Expert (SME)), and administrative support personnel to perform technical services and, apply protective technologies to safeguard the classified IT infrastructure, deployed at foreign posts from unauthorized access or intrusion.  TSS Division is seeking a highly qualified contractor to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To provide expertise, products and services directly related to security and safeguarding of the classified IT hardware, equipment and systems;
  2. To develop and implement management functions ensuring baseline work activities are  accomplished, recorded and stored, in accordance with task provisions;
  3. To develop complete and accurate Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), test reports and activity planning schedule;
  4. To provide field forward deployed technical support services;
  5. To perform the STEC functional and operational test and analysis support services;
  6. To provide OCONUS field surety technical support services.”

“Technical Requirements – The contractor shall provide qualified IT professionals that can verify, validate and mitigate classified equipment signal emanations analysis, conduct IT equipment non-destructive testing, hardware forensics analyses, and investigative suspect/out-of-control IT equipment and systems.  The contractor shall provide complete and accurate technical reports that includes test narrative, objective, fact findings, root cause, conclusions and recommendations, as deemed necessary.

To comply with the technical requirements the contractor shall be capable of operating, maintaining, and performing minor adjustments and repairs to lab equipment (e.g., X-ray, CT-Scan, signal, electromagnetic, chemicals, etc.) and tools.”

“Period of Performance – This contract will include a twelve (12) month base-period with four one-year each option period. each. The Government reserves the right not to exercise the options for any reason, including but not limited to, unsatisfactory performance or convenience.”

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