Treasury RFI: IRS Enterprise Digitalization and Case Management Office support


“The purpose of this Special Notice / Request for Information (RFI) is to provide an update regarding and request industry partner feedback on a FY21 program support need for the Enterprise Digitalization and Case Management Office (EDCM) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)…”

“In conjunction with the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, EDCM currently anticipates issuing a competitive solicitation under an existing multiple award vehicle. However, a full-and-open solicitation is still under consideration.  Although, it is possible that there will be a short-term contract (i.e., 1-2 years) issued while a longer-term contract is competed, that is not likely at this point.  If this strategy is pursued, there will be specific requirements within the contract(s) to ensure an effective transition…

EDCM anticipates a hybrid firm-fixed price and time and materials (FFP/T&M) pricing approach, if only to account for the security clearance process during the initial 3+ months of the contract effort.  EDCM anticipates using ‘surge’ options under each contract year/period that can be exercised at the unilateral discretion of the Government in the case of an unexpected need for additional support.  Furthermore, EDCM anticipates using award incentive, award fee, or comparable procedures to incentivize industry partners’ performance.  The period of performance will likely be five years but may include contract periods which are not 12 months long (e.g., surge options for three months, a 3-6 month T&M period for onboarding, etc.).

Please note that the Acquisition Strategy is subject to change based upon the results of the Government’s Market Research.

As part of this RFI, EDCM is looking for feedback regarding availability and experience of small businesses to support this effort.  EDCM will be looking for multiple respondents within a given socio-economic category to help ascertain whether this requirement is appropriate for set-aside procedures.  Although there are several existing industry partners who currently support some individual segments of this requirement at IRS, they do not support the entirety of the requirement (either alone or when taken together), nor are they providing support at the level/amount of this requirement.  Therefore, EDCM does not categorize this requirement as a recompete or having an incumbent and is being as transparent as possible to communicate its sincere desire for industry feedback in order to finalize the acquisition strategy and requirements.

Scope of Work and Additional Context:

As noted in prior postings, there are four general efforts that make up the potential requirement.  Additional context and information around those four areas are provided below.

  1. Consolidating and Distilling Opportunities for Digitalization Projects Across the Agency, Adhering to and Enhancing an Existing Strategic Framework: In general, EDCM is pursuing three major goals: 1) Reduce reliance on and costs associated with paper; 2) Increase amount of access to digital / machine-readable data; and, 3) Improve the taxpayer and IRS employee experience and shift staff from low-value to high value work…
  2. Supporting Program and Project Management Needs for Multiple Near-Term Pilot Projects and the Finalization and Application of Performance and Return on Investment (ROI) Metrics for the Purposes of Portfolio Management, as well as Scaling and Expansion Activities for Successful Pilot Projects: EDCM currently has four pilot projects underway, and anticipates beginning roughly five more pilots in FY21. Some of these FY21 pilots will be internal, and some will require procurement actions.  For those that require procurement actions, test and learn procurement vehicles (i.e., Pilot IRS) will be used…
  3. Supporting Program and Project Management Needs for Broader, More Long-Term Acquisitions Led by EDCM: In addition to near-term pilots, EDCM will be taking the lead for several larger and more traditional procurements and acquisitions. At least some of that effort will support EDCM-focused support needs (similar to those anticipated in this potential requirement) …
  4. Supporting Sequencing and Alignment Activities Relative to Case Management and Other Strategic Efforts: Although Digitalization activities are a priority for the IRS, they do not exist in a vacuum. For instance, activities to ensure that Enterprise Digitalization projects, as appropriate, feed into and reflect existing Case Management efforts, technology roadmaps, align with IRS-wide strategic goals and legislative requirement timelines, etc. are necessary…”

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