USDA FPAC awards FFIP Data Management bridge task

Notice ID 12314421F0655

“2. Nature and/or description of the action being approved.

The USDA OCP POD proposes the issuance of a sole source bridge Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) call against the Federal Supply Schedule Shared Services Line of Business Solutions (SSLoBS) Master BPA using a firm fixed price call to sustain FPACs current FSA Financial Improvement Program (FFIP) Data Management (DM) Support. Awarding the logical follow on call to the current contractor enables Farm Service Agency (FSA) and Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) to fulfill its mission goals while providing auditable financial data under USDA Financial Management Modernization Initiation (FMMI) program and enables USDA the ability to achieve a clean financial audit opinion and efficiently manage the resources provided by Congress.

  1. Description of the supplies or services required to meet the agency’s needs (including the estimated value).

TeraThink is the current contractor on BPA call 12314418F0661 and has established the necessary data management expertise required to support the program and is familiar with the tasks. This support shall include the following DM tasks:

  • Data profiling
  • Data cleansing
  • Data conversion…”

“This call order will provide FFIP Federal Product Management support in assessing conformance of FSA/CCC program financial data to USDA financial and FMMI requirements, cleansing nonconforming data, conducting mock conversions to assess readiness, designing post-conversion reconciliation procedures, and preparing final load-ready conversion files.

The period of performance will be a 9-month base period at a value of $ $1,126,373 with (1) 3-month option period valued at $373,627 for a total estimated value of $1,500,000…”

  1. The authority and supporting rationale.

The following circumstance justifies limiting the source under FAR 8.405-6: FAR 8.405-6(a)(1)(i)(C) – In the interest of economy and efficiency, the new work is a logical followon to an original Federal Supply Schedule…”

“TeraThink has the benefit of being currently on-site. They have been supporting the FFIP DM requirement since September 2018. They have developed specialized knowledge of the FMMI relevant data and data quality required for decision making and successful data conversion. They have the current tools and access to the environments necessary for data profiling, cleansing, and conversion. They have currently badged employees with government laptops, re-establishment of badging and laptop issuing is currently a 3-4 month lead time due to COVID laptop supply chains are disrupted with uncertain delivery timeframes. A new vendor would simply not be able to get “fingers on keyboards” until almost half-way through the planned PoP at no fault of their own.

FPAC is working on a new procurement (Chestnut) with a planned award in FY2022 Q2 for the Program Financial Services functional area and is expected to include the FFIP requirements.

It isn’t in the government’s best interest to award a duplicative effort to another vendor and multiple vendor transitions within 12 months.

Multiple transitions will require overlapping vendors adding potentially an additional 120 days of transition costs to the effort not accounting for delays in onboarding/GFE provisioning…”

“7. Any other facts supporting the justification. TeraThink ensures the retention of data management expertise required for cleansing and converting FSA/CCC program financial data to FMMI without introducing risk to the USDA and FSA/CCC financial audit. The only solution ensuring the integrity and quality of the financial data management processes, and their timely and effective execution is to continue with TeraThink. The DM costs associated with contractor turnover is estimated at $398,000. This effort is impacted by the length of time required to onboard a new vendor with the USDA. The current lead time is between 33 and 49 business days, causing an estimated start date of six to eight weeks after award to fully onboard a new team with the Government. The new vendor would then require time to allow for knowledge transfer from the incumbent contractor-on average this is a two to three-week process. The SSLoBS Master BPA expires August 31 of 2022, which is the original contract vehicle that was used to place the call for this FFIP DM effort. If this call is re-competed now amongst all SSLoBS vendors, the entire program runs the risk of a new contract vendor potentially 2 times within 12 months which will have a severe impact on FPACs customer base and mission. Once onboarded, training and team forming will impact the current Agile Release Train (ART) velocity and will impact the continuation of the phase process leading to failures across the USDA. Today the ART averages 20 features a PI whereas post award velocity is anticipated to dip by 50% for an additional 1-2 PIs at an estimated cost of $180,000 to $360,000…”

Read more here.

Number of Bidders: 17

Referenced IDV ID: AG3144B170008


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